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Golden Retriever Dog Hunter

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Gender: Female
Age: 47
Last Activity: 60 month(s) ago
Country: Philippines

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Tanya *we miss you baby*
Dog, Shih Tzu

Dog, Golden Retriever

Cat, Unknown

Pet: Hunter

Name Hunter
Nickname Hunter Baby
Species Dog
Breed Golden Retriever
Pet Clubs: Gorgeous Goldens Inc
Gender Male
Hometown Manila
Country Philippines
Birthdate 2007-02-15
Height 24 in.
Weight 32 kgs. (Yikes!)
Favorite Activity Sleeping, chasing cats, playing fetch, playing in the rain or any type of water, munching on ice cubes, sleeping (did I say that already?) :03
Favorite Park La Mesa Ecopark!!!
Favorite Food Canidae, Acana Lamb & Rice and Acana Salmon & Potato, Go! Natural Salmon and Oats
Favorite Treat Peanut Butter, mmmm...the stickier the better! And bananas! :03
Favorite Toy My rope toys, Nylabones and Kongs (I now have the Classic Kong, the Bounzer, the Goodie Bone, the Biscuit Ball, the Air Kong Jack and Air Kong Tennis Balls)! I am one spoiled puppy!!!
Favorite Shows Heroes, House M.D., Lost and Jeopardy (actually, they are mom's favorites -- but don't tell her that I sleep through her shows most nights) :03
Favorite Music Who let the dogs out?.....NOT!!! :03
Favorite Movies I prefer to read books with my mom...our current favorite is Marley & Me (all my naughty moments pale in comparison to Marley's) hehehe :03
Best Trick Verbal and non-verbal commands for: sit, down, stay, left and right pawshake, left and right high-five, wait, fetch, go get, come, kiss, balance treat on nose, catch, guess which hand holds the treat, search, spin, play dead, leg weave and peek-a-boo
Worst Trick Still no luck with the roll-over...
Favorite Moments When my mom comes home from work and she says
Embarassing Moments I got chased by a goat mom and her kids while walking along Leonard Wood Road in Baguio. Another time, I cornered Ming-Ming (the cat) in the yard and she fought back. I had to live with a big fat X right above my nose because of her claw marks. Ouch!!!
Likes Going on car rides, yipee!!! Open any car door and I'm going in baby!
Dislikes The heat!!!! Also, thunder, firecrackers and plastic bags (weird, huh? but I like mom to think I am just being eco-friendly - haha).
My First Day Home My brother Wiggles and I were both nervous and excited as we left our doggy mom to go to our new human mom's house. In our excitement (or maybe it was just plain nerves), we kinda got a little gassy and stunk up our breeder's car. Phweew!!
Awards Therapy Dog Extraordinaire
Bio My PCCI registered name is Cornwood Chives Regal -- nope that is not a misspelling -- it's not Chivas Regal. My breeder has a weird sense of humor. Sorry lady pups -- I am a member of the snip-snip crowd and therefore not available for stud service. :03

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Posted By: XM 2010/04/01 04:21:25 AM
can you give me some advise before i travel?

Posted By: XM 2010/04/01 04:21:04 AM
hello hunter! nice to be back. my human is planning to bring me in the family outing, and we are to use a bus. he resserved a seat for me, but im scared. will evrything turn out fine? i never travelled that far, and ive never been with so many people.

Posted By: Hunter 2010/03/13 08:33:45 AM
Actually, those are the only toys that have survived my "gigil". The list of the destroyed toys is longer than those that have survived. LOL

Posted By: Hunter 2010/03/13 08:20:01 AM
Hiya Kin! Haven't heard from you in a while. :D Yup, I did get a lot bigger since the last time. It's so hard to stay slim...one of the effects of neutering. :P

Posted By: Kin 2010/03/05 01:14:00 AM
you have soo many toys! I have only 3 now. I ate some up, and mumu stole the others (well, they disappeared anyway)

Posted By: Kin 2010/03/04 04:55:18 AM
wowwww you got so big while I was away!

Posted By: alex boy 2010/02/01 02:29:22 AM
ur so much cute!!!

Posted By: XM 2009/11/07 07:23:06 PM
whats your coat color hunter? My human said Im cream colored, i wonder if your Golden lustrous or youre considered a mahogany

Posted By: XM 2009/11/07 01:54:21 AM
thank you hunter...i am a user of piny pet finder too but i find it very hard to use..i registered there and its been a week and still no approval from admin :(

Posted By: XM 2009/11/07 01:40:31 AM
Bow wow wow! ( interpretation: Hello Hunter! you are sooo cool I wanna be like you someday! lets be friends please... i think my human can learn a lot from you !)

Posted By: trebLe staRch 2009/08/12 05:16:30 AM
you are so cute hunter!!

Posted By: Sam 2009/07/30 01:31:45 PM
hey... fyi po... still no activation mail reciv yet... thanks..

Posted By: Sam 2009/07/23 01:08:31 PM

Posted By: Charmee 2009/07/20 11:18:13 AM
hi hello!! ad me please...

Posted By: Sam 2009/07/18 03:11:32 AM
Hi, I already signed up... i'l juz w8 4 ur apruval.. thnx :)

Posted By: Hunter 2009/07/11 11:18:12 AM
Hi Saskja! Your application has already been approved! See you soon in the forum! Don't forget to check out the GR breed specific board. I'm sure you'll have a blast there!

Posted By: Saskja 2009/07/10 11:00:27 AM
hi again Hunter, my mommy already signed up, her username is xtinerocks. hope you can help us get approved. :) Thanks!

Posted By: Hunter 2009/07/04 11:11:36 AM
Aw, shucks...thank you...*blushes* :D

Posted By: Saskja 2009/07/03 06:22:11 AM
BTW, you're very handsome! :)

Posted By: Saskja 2009/07/03 06:21:48 AM
hi Hunter, we'll be happy to sign up. :) i think we've signed up before that was way back when i was still a pup. My mommy can't remember her login ID anymore. She will try to sign up again, if it doesnt go through, she said she will ask you. Thanks!

Posted By: Lil' betty 2009/06/09 03:14:23 AM
My master is now busy in customizing heavy duty dog cages in all sizes free delivery inside Q.C. if u need some juz leave a massege tnx!

Posted By: Aubrey 2009/03/28 12:31:49 PM
hello hunter!

Posted By: Zeus - The Greatest Dog 2009/03/19 08:14:11 AM
dsychangco is my username.

Posted By: Zeus - The Greatest Dog 2009/03/18 01:30:59 AM
Wasn't able to go. I'm already a member.

Posted By: Hunter 2009/03/17 06:08:41 AM
That's so cool, brandon! What's your username in pinoypet?

Posted By: Brandon 2009/03/17 04:04:54 AM
hi, thanks for the invite. and yes, i joined already.

Posted By: Casey 2009/03/05 10:23:49 AM
Happy 2nd Birthday Hunter!!!!! Kisses fr Casey, mom & dad

Posted By: Dyosa Duchess 2009/02/24 03:33:39 PM
hi hunter! I'm Shasha's older sister. the chow that you saw last weekend at boni highstreet? Can you teach us how to join those kind of dog clubs? Thank you! :)

Posted By: MOJO d GREAT 2009/02/11 02:11:50 AM
To all dogs and animal lovers, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! - MOJO D GREAT

Posted By: MOJO d GREAT 2009/02/09 05:27:49 AM
Thanks Hunter for the info. I'll surely do - MOJO D GREAT

Posted By: brandey golden retriver 2009/02/08 02:45:00 AM
hi kuya! pano b mgjoin sa pinoypetfinder?

Posted By: EPOY 2009/02/08 12:45:35 AM
Thanks for the invite, Hunter, we will visit the forum. We still have no Feb issue of Animal Scene but we are to buy, I know.

Posted By: rain 2009/02/07 10:42:18 PM
thanks to your mom hunter for welcoming us at the PPF..kitakits

Posted By: Serena Van Der Woodsen 2009/02/07 02:16:33 AM
oh yeah... hahaha... my bad... ok.. i'll sign up today!

Posted By: Serena Van Der Woodsen 2009/02/07 01:58:51 AM
hi Hunter! my mom is already a member of PPF... try to see her posts.. her username is Serenity... she posted my pics on the golden retriever section of the dog forum... are you new to the site? nway,, welcome to PPF! enjoy your stay!

Posted By: rain 2009/02/06 03:39:55 AM
ok hunter, thanks for the info.dada ko kasi ang kulit,kahit di pa nya ako nakikita talaga in personal, tuwang tuwa na sya, kahit sa mga pics and videos ko lng.

Posted By: rain 2009/02/04 07:03:44 AM
hunter, kelan mag enable registration ang PPF for us?

Posted By: brandey golden retriver 2009/02/02 07:34:25 PM
tenk u po! & welcome...

Posted By: brandey golden retriver 2009/01/31 02:01:18 AM
Hi po! add nman kuya....

Posted By: BLASTOISE 2009/01/21 02:13:11 AM
Hi Hunter Would You Give Me A Pat?

Posted By: rain 2009/01/10 06:04:37 PM
hello there spoiled hunter..

Posted By: Nacho 2009/01/03 07:14:54 AM
hi hunter, ur such a talented dog.

Posted By: Serena Van Der Woodsen 2009/01/01 10:18:39 AM
hi Hunter!!! i'm a golden too!! nice pics btw! ^_^

Posted By: Venus 2008/12/26 10:45:10 AM
hehehe....Same 2 you hunter...

Posted By: Kylie 2008/12/26 10:23:02 AM
huhuhu....its ok..

Posted By: Kylie 2008/12/25 10:29:46 AM
Thnks... sana d2 ka naman mag vacation para meet tayo.hehehe...

Posted By: 2008/12/19 09:03:20 PM
hello hunter, merry christmas=)

Posted By: Kylie 2008/12/19 10:09:59 AM
hello... ganda ng mga pics mo....

Posted By: MOJO d GREAT 2008/12/16 12:33:28 AM
Hi dude, you're like a life saver dog ala baywatch in your pix. - MOJO d GREAT -

Posted By: hershey and myles 2008/12/11 09:20:53 AM
Advance Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!

Posted By: doggy 2008/12/06 06:15:35 PM
wow i like your dog i have a dog too but we will buy again are dog bacser will die na.........its knda sad ha

Posted By: Nemo 2008/11/30 05:11:14 AM
Hi I love your cute and cudly dog...I see ur very active in petster.. wish u join my club "golden retriever", just click it from my profile

Posted By: 2008/11/17 03:08:00 PM
tnx 4 d add... arf! arf! hehehe

Posted By: Twinkle 2008/10/30 02:34:13 PM
really? i have to check that, thnx for sharing that info.. =)

Posted By: Hunter 2008/10/03 03:48:59 PM
ahahaha...sorry, hindi po ako si Fulgoso...kasing gwapo lang nya... :o3

Posted By: Hunter 2008/07/22 11:37:46 AM
You're funny, Hunter. I'm happy we're pals too...

Posted By: Hunter 2008/07/20 06:01:37 PM
Hey Hunter i'm back on its my turn to get on mommy each gives us a little time on the computer to talk to our friends Teo just got off i'm glad we're friends!!!

Posted By: Hunter 2008/07/20 05:05:22 PM
hey Hunter we have the same name want to be friends buddy

Posted By: Ace (RIP) 2008/06/30 12:04:33 AM
Hi Hunter nice name i liked all your pictures

Posted By: 2008/06/17 01:53:17 AM
thanks hunter, you're very handsome yourself

Posted By: 2008/05/19 02:42:52 AM
BOL, Because I can be soooooooooo CRAZY sometimes !! Hence the nickname, Psycho Mutt !! BOL

Posted By: Casey 2008/04/12 03:40:21 AM
Thanks hunter 4d greetings!

Posted By: Casey 2008/04/07 06:31:04 AM
Of course not pal, toys are nothing compare to our health. if i were in ur place, im sure ur gonna wish for d same. pls get well soon! *Barks & kisses*

Posted By: trebLe staRch 2008/02/20 06:43:54 PM
thanks for the add! ;) anyway, belated happy 1st birhtday to you! ^~^

Posted By: 2008/02/14 11:44:56 PM
thanks hunter, mom wont be deleting me anymore. There were users stealing my photos and mom didn't feel safe. So.

Posted By: Casey 2008/02/11 02:39:12 PM
huhuhu... i share your sentiments. daddy is still thousands of miles away when i celebrate my bday in April... he'll be back by june, 2 months after my big day. Its just me, mommy & ate janet to eat my delicious cake... =(

Posted By: Casey 2008/02/06 04:54:50 PM
Hi paL! Your birthday is coming up! Wish u all the best & 2 ur mom. May you have many many many more birthdays to celebrate together!

Posted By: Wiggles 2008/01/23 03:14:31 PM
Hey there, bro! Sorry I haven't been around to greet you for Christmas and New Year. Anyways, just wanted to see how you were doing. Come visit me some time here in the province, I miss you lots! And oh, there are a couple new photos of me in my profile.

Posted By: 2008/01/11 05:41:43 AM
sorry for the late reply :[ happy be-lated christmas? XD

Posted By: Casey 2008/01/02 12:50:40 PM
Of course a pat & a vote also 4u! Lukin' good hunter! Happy holidays 2u & 2ur mom! *wink

Posted By: 2007/10/08 10:28:26 PM
thanks :)

Posted By: Bruce 2007/10/04 03:04:13 AM
Im 5yo....

Posted By: Casey 2007/10/01 03:45:11 PM
You're going 8 months at 23Kg already? What have you been eating? I'm almost 6 months at 16.5 Kg. I don't know if that's normal but I really really think that my mom should feed me more... :) Wishful thinking.... Hahaha!

Posted By: Casey 2007/10/01 03:35:05 PM
@Kin... Sorry, bit of a typo there... :)

Posted By: Casey 2007/10/01 03:33:56 PM
@Kim - I also get that 'Fulgoso' treatment. He may be a celebrity dog at a local tv station but I agree, he can't be cuter than us! :)

Posted By: Casey 2007/10/01 03:32:23 PM
Hi Hunter. Got a nice pose there!

Posted By: Fluke 2007/09/27 02:51:13 AM
heloo Hunter you are a cutie,hope we can be friends :)

Posted By: Kin 2007/09/27 12:38:05 AM
Do people giggle and say "si fulgoso o!" when they see you? Gawd, I get that alot. *Who* *is* this Fulgoso anyway? Can't be cuter than us :>

Posted By: 2007/09/26 07:11:11 PM
heya Hunter ;) you are a cutie :) and yup, haha

Posted By: Hunter 2007/09/24 03:36:39 AM
Of course! All the cool pets have one, right? And we're soo cool we're practically Arctic!! Hehehehe :03

Posted By: Wiggles 2007/09/23 08:47:49 PM
Bro! Cool, you have a Petster account too! :o3

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Tanya *we miss you baby*

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